About Us

Advitiya is the brain child of Mrs. Sivakami Ramesh who herself is very fond of beautiful and elegant decor and products . Coming from a very strong textile background and a very keen eye for details , Mrs. Sivakami wanted to add a little bit of magic and make everyday needs more beautiful .The Logo of Advitiya itself speaks volumes about the clients it caters to and the concept behind the Brand. Advitiya in Sanskrit  means without a second and that is what  Advitiya is all about . Unique  and unparalleled. It was a project started with a  passion and conviction that all things of utility should be designed to delight .Every individual should be surrounded with things of beauty giving them joy for ever.


" We want to reach out to every household and give them a taste of Luxury at a very affordable rate"

                           - Mrs. Sivakami Ramesh 

This mompreneur  pioneered in creating Eco Friendly cotton School gears, home decor and travel utilities that not only scream cute but also are quite pocket friendly.

5 years since the conception of the Brand which actually started out as a mere gesture to help out family/ friends to find that perfect gift / return gifts for kids and adults added another feather to cap by opening doors to an experiential store at Vettuvankanni, Chennai .  The idea is for you and your kids to walk in, select the products, choose fabrics, motifs and colours and walk out with a product of your dream. Giving kids the freedom to choose by involving them in the process has been a delight to watch for us a Brand.  We are also a child friendly store with lots of things to keep the little ones busy.

Come, experience our little Studio while we do a little magic !!